Vidak & Perez Debate: District 16 State Senate

With a live studio audience listening to their every word, District 16 State Senate candidates, Democratic Leticia Perez and Republican Andy Vidak squared off inside the KMPH News Studios.

Andy Vidak says, "95 percent of my money is coming from the district. 95 percent of her money is coming from outside the district from the liberal elites from San Francisco and Sacramento."

Leticia Perez says, "So many farmers are supporting you Andy, and they should really think twice about support of you. A vast amount of your money is coming from very thirsty Los Angeles real estate interests."

Several issues were discussed like high-speed rail, the economy, jobs, and water were brought up.

Many say there was no clear winner.

However, both said they plan to use the rest of the time until the July 23, 2013 election to continue to search for votes.

If you would like to watch the debate in its entirety, it will be re-broadcasted Saturday, July 6th at 2 p.m. on KMPH Fox 26.