Victims Turn Tough, Go After Car Thieves

Fresno county sheriff deputies say 20-year-old Jose Miranda of Fresno and Sanger resident 41-year-old Jesse Garcia were trying to sell a stolen car in the southwest Fresno neighborhood.

The real owners of the 1979 El Camino say the car was stolen last night near the area of 8th and Thomas in Fresno, but they didn't just sit back and let the criminal take the car. They immediately got on their phones, started calling their friends, and saturated the area to see if they could spot the vehicle and sure enough they did. At around three o'clock Friday afternoon they saw it driving down Blackstone near Highway 180 and that's when they called deputies.

The crooks took deputies on a wild chase through a U-Haul rental center.

Sarge Zanetti, works at the U-Haul center. She says, "The person in the vehicle came down through our center and came around and tried to get out in this direction. He ran into a fence and tore it down."

Inside the stolen El Camino deputies found some court papers, belonging to a Fresno police officer whose car was broken into recently.

However, what has law enforcement most concerned is the discover of a home-made swat jacket.

Sgt Jose Salinas says, "I know that we've had cases not in Fresno, but in other counties where people have done home invasions dressed as police officers. So that's part of the follow up we are going to be doing to see how they came across this stuff and what they were using it for."

Deputies are checking to see if they are connected to any gangs. If so gang enhancement charges will be added to the list of charges, they face including driving a stolen car and evading arrest.