Veteran's In Need: Visalia Transitional Home Needs Appliances, Volunteers

A Veteran's home in Visalia is just weeks away from opening. But the non-profit needs an outpouring of volunteers and generosity to make its deadline.

The transition home for Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans needs a lot of work to be done before June 1.

The 4,200-square-foot home has nine bedrooms and{}many of those rooms need paint and baseboards.{}

The list of needs is long.

One bathroom is nothing more than a closet because there is no toilet or sink.

Leann Nussberger says that's only the beginning of the needs list.

"We do have three broken windows as well as one of our large windows in the front of the house has a hole in it, probably from a rock that also needs to be replaced," Nussberger said.

Renato Garza, an army veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he is getting ready for his "brothers that are coming home."

Garza suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He spent six years at war in the middle east.

"I unfortunately didn't have a program like this," he said. "I'm still going thru the transitional phase and its difficult not only for me but for my wife and kids."

Nussberger and her husband, a retired Marin,e have spent the past five years trying to make their dream come true.

"I do have 50 Veterans that are requesting housing from our one home and our one home can only hold 16 Veterans," Nussberger said.

But before this transitional Veteran's home can begin operating the need for materials and volunteers is huge. The wish list{}includes windows, base boards, two toilets, exterior paint, a refrigerator, gas stove and dishwasher. The grand opening is set for May 25.

If you would like to help here's the number to call. 559-300-4966 or you can e-mail