Veterans Angry Monuments Will Be Moved From VA Hospital

Valley veterans say moving the Wall of Honor and other monuments, outside Fresno's Veteran Affairs Hospital is a disgrace, a waste of donations and taxpayer money.

Now, they are demanding answers.

Member of Military Order of Purple Heart, Bob McLaughlin says, "Some veterans don't have a cemetery site to go to. That is literally the monument of their love one."

Judy Jones with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Women's Auxiliary says, "It's not only the wall it's the monuments that the organizations put up they spent thousands of dollars doing that."

V.A. Hospital administrators admit better planning should have been made years ago.

However they say the monuments must be relocated because of a major hospital expansion project.

Sheryl Grubb, Public Affairs with V.A. Hospital says, "We have to move the wall because right where I'm standing is where the new state of the art x-ray MRI facility will be. The building will come out here to the edge of the parking lot and will be two stories high."

The Wall of Honor began in 2008, as an employee project by hospital staff.

Each year names are added to the granite panels for a donation of $150 per name.

Hospital staff says the new MRI and x-ray center will prevent veterans from having to travel to the bay area.

What about the waste of money?

Grubb says, "This project for the MRI center and X-ray center was approved years ago. So I hear them and I can agree maybe some for sight should have been given for putting the Wall of Honor up. At this point, we are past that and we really have to look what's best for the veterans from here on out."

Grubb says should anything happen to any of the plaques or monuments during the move, it will be replaced at their expense.