Vet Takes On Fresno Apartment Complex

Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Frederick Schiller has taken up issue with the way a northwest Fresno apartment complex has been flying the American flag.

There are rules to follow when flying the red, white and blue.{}{}

And an Air Force Veteran{}grew tired of seeing the American flag flown incorrectly at a northwest Fresno Apartment complex.{}

Carmel Crest Apartments shows its patriotism daily by flying the American flag and the California State flag. However, the American flag has not been flying at the highest peak.

Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Frederick Schiller has seen it for weeks and he asked{}KMPH to intercede.

Schiller said that he has noticed the apartment complex either fly the American flag upside down or lower than the California state flag.

"I'm personally offended by that,"he said.

The American flag and the Air Force flag are flown outside of Schiller's home.{}{}

"It's lit at night with a light that turns on at dusk,"he said.

When it comes to flying the American flag there are rules for different situations.

When it's displayed over the middle of an entrance it should be suspended vertically.{} When there are multiple flags, Old Glory takes center stage and is slightly higher. {}

Mike Harris with the Veterans Memorial Museum in downtown Fresno said flying the flag incorrectly is disrespectful.{}

"I believe yes because if you are going to put the flag up you should actually know how to do it," Harris said.

It only took one phone call from{}KMPH to correct the problem.

Management at Carmel Crest apartments say it was an honest mistake and no disrespect was intended. {}