Vandals Strike Again And Again In Orange Cove

Vandals are costing thousands of dollars in damage for a home builder in Orange Cove.

The vandals have struck the developing neighborhood of the 300 block of Ramona Street six times in the last eight days -- gouging walls, kicking in doors.{}

Officials say they have tried different tactics of securing the homes to keep the vandals out. But so far, the tactics have not worked.

The vandals have left behind messages like "nice try" and "can't stop, won't stop." Officials have said the vandals are doing it for a thrill.

"They know that it's new; There aren't very many neighbors; They don't know each other. {} They take advantage of that," said Monte Vista Homes spokeswoman Claudia Moreno.

Officials estimate the vandals have caused more than $10,000 in damage.{}

Monte Vista Homes had the same problem in Parlier and the company appealed to the residents. They organized watch groups to walk different neighborhoods.{}

"It promotes health and it also lets people know hey I'm here and I'm keeping an eye for my community and I'm also here for my neighbors as well," Moreno said.

Monte Vista Homes hopes to create the same watch group in Orange Cove. It hopes additional sets of eyes will lead to the vandals' arrest.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Orange Cove Police Department.