Vandals Slash Tires In Fresno Neighborhood

For the second time in less than 2 months, vandals slashed tires on cars in a west Fresno neighborhood.

It took place sometime Thursday morning, on not one but several blocks of West Yale Avenue, near the corner of Clinton and Blythe

More than a dozen victims say it looked like the crooks used an ice pick.

Some lost one tire, others two, but many were forced to replace all four.

Victim Crystal Cruz says, "I want to tell these guys why not invest your time in something else. It is not worth it. It's very upsetting."

Another victim says, "Put them in jail, and make them learn a lesson."

Many of the victims who had all four tires slashed could not repair them because they did not have enough money.

So they're forced to car pool with others.

Some victims do plan to rekindle their neighborhood watch program. Others say once they get their tax refund, they plan to buy surveillance camera systems.