Vandals Hit Fresno's Rotary Playland

For more than 50 years, Fresno's historic "Rotary Playland" has played host to birthday parties and other celebrations for kids of all ages.

However, over the weekend, vandals destroyed a number of rides and signs inside the park.

The famous lion drinking fountain was also tagged.

General Manager Mike Reinhold says it's frustrating because over the years people have given generously to the park, and major improvements have been made.

Mike Reinhold says, "I know it's disappointing to them to come and see the things they have given to see the signs marked up, in a way it's almost embarrassing for us."

Tim Korakakis who works as the head landscaper says, "They came in over the night and tagged over this spot of the train on the roof, and they got our star as well. We got as much off as we could. But the graffiti remover takes off paint."

Over the past week, board members say the park has been broken into at least three times.

They are now looking into more lighting and surveillance cameras to protect the community's investment.

Rotary Playland and Storyland board members say they're always accepting donations.

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