Valley Veterans Angry Post Office Didn't Replace Flag For 6 Months

Valley veterans say they want answers on why it took U.S. Postal supervisors more than six months to replace an American flag outside a post office in Fresno.

The Post Office is located near the corner of Hughes and Dakota Avenues in Fresno.

Iraq War veteran, Steve Sanders says, "It's an insult. There shouldn't be any excuses why they should wait over 6 months to not put an American flag up."

Sanders says, weeks ago, he was contacted by fellow veterans who are U.S. Postal Service employees.

Sanders says workers told him they couldn't get a straight answer from supervisors when old glory would fly again.

He says he wrote letters to the Fresno Postmaster, but never got a response.

Sanders says, "They are mandated to keep a flag up especially on a Federal building, especially the Post Office. It represents over 235,000 veterans that are part of the post office workforce, absolutely."

The government agency's own handbook states in regulation 472.21, "The flag of the United States must be displayed on stationary flagstaffs at all post offices."

Why not here?

Ironically, the same day KMPH FOX 26 News called officials, an American flag showed up.

A supervisor inside the Fresno branch didn't want to speak on camera. But did say someone cut the rope and stole the flag months ago. However she says she didn't know why it took so long to get the flag replaced.

Veterans say they are glad to see the stars and stripes flying once again, and so are we.