Valley Veteran Gets New U.S. Army Flag, After Crooks Steals His

A valley veteran is thankful to members of Visalia's American Legion Sierra Post 785, for giving him a new U.S. Army flag. Last month, KMPH Fox 26 News ran the story of a crook ripping off the flag which hung from a veteran's home. The surveillance video shows the crook walking up to the house, struggling to take the flag off a pole, and then taking off with it. The flag belonged to a Dinuba man who served in both the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. Veteran Doug Dall says, "They understand it! They brought it to me and I was so happy and proud. We immediately hung it up and it's going to stay there as long as I can." Doug's wife Christina says, "I found out that some of our police officers with Dinuba P.D. are also veterans. So when this hit us at home, but it also hit them too. They too have serviced our country." Christina says the crook still has the flag, but never took their spirit. Christina says, "He didn't keep us down. He can go around and do whatever he wants to do. But this brought me and my husband closer to our community. It brought us closer to the police department. So come back try it again, I got the police department's number on fast dial and these guys will be here in a heartbeat. They will get him." Dall says all he wants is their flag back. Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Dinuba Police at (559) 591-5914