Valley Vet Cries Foul Over Pension: V-A Says Otherwise

A Valley Veteran says a glitch in the V-A's computer system wound up shorting him on his pension check.{} But the Fresno V-A says there was no glitch.{} KMPH Fox 26 News decided to investigate to see why Vernon Dunaway was missing several hundred dollars in his monthly pension check.

Dunaway is a 67 year old Vietnam Veteran who rely's on his V-A pension to survive.{} He received $900 dollars a month but the V-A deducts $100 for past due medical bills.{} Friday was pay day and Dunaway says he got shorted.{} He called the Oakland benefits office and was told the two payments got reversed.{} Dunaway says $100 was deposited in his checking account and the V-A kept his usual pay day total of $800.{}

Dunaway says he's got some tough decisions to make.{} "What am I going to do?{} Am I gonna pay my rent, pay my car payment, my insurance and that to get to A from whatever or do I buy groceries?" Because I live paycheck to paycheck as it is with the little bit I get."

Dunaway asked the V-A representative if the problem would be corrected quickly?{} "They told me they don't know what they're going to do."

He was diagnosed with PTSD in 2009.{} Recently he lost his job and his home in Merced.{} He and his wife lived in a tent for a while.{} He's hoping the V-A will correct the problem quickly because the rent will soon be due on his mobile home in North Fork.

Late Friday the V-A in Fresno told us there was no computer glitch but due to patient confidentiality the representative couldn't talk about Dunaway's situation.{} Then Dunaway called to say a V-A representative in Oakland says the problem could be corrected as early as Tuesday and his missing $700 will be deposited into his{}account.{}