Valley Parents Fired Up Over Controversial Condom Program

Students as young as 12 can now purchase condoms over the Internet under the California Condom Access Program.

Tech-savvy teens and pre-teens in the Central Valley can now access free condoms over the Internet without parental consent under a state-run program.

The California Condom Access Project allows people as young as 12 years old to order up to 10 condoms and have them delivered to their doorstep.

The federally-funded program, which was created to help combat skyrocketing STD rates in certain California counties, has a some parents in the Central Valley on edge.

"It does seem a little young to start that; even 14," said Michael Avila, who has a teenage daughter.

Sabrina Marez of Fresno disagreed, saying: "I think it's a reality because kids are pregnant at 12. It may be society pushing it on them maybe with TV shows and things like that so they think it's okay. So being protected is better than having a kid in my opinion."

Fresno County has one of the highest numbers of STD cases.

But while state officials hope the program helps to curb teen STD rates, it's gaining quite a bit of criticism from those not so thrilled with the idea.

"You shouldn't be able to do it over the Internet. Go into the store and do it. Be embarrassed," said Fresno parent Marilyn Brown.

This is the second year the program has been in effect. This year, the program expanded to include both Fresno and San Diego counties.