Valley Officials Train for Amgen Tour Bike Ride

They may not be world-class athletes, but Clovis officials are training like they are for the Amgen Tour.

Nearly a dozen City Council members and volunteers are training for a 50-mile bike ride from Bass Lake to Clovis, as{}part of the Clovis Stage Four Invitational Bike Ride.

The Clovis Mayor Bob Whalen, Chief of Police Janet Davis, Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea, Clovis City Manager Kathy Million and local dignitaries are expected to make the ride on February 14th, just a few days before the Amgen cyclists ride through Clovis.

The event is organized by the Clovis Amgen Tour of California Local Organizing Committee. Local cyclists say it's a good way to get in shape and to find out how the pro-cyclists feel as they trek through the mountainous areas of{}California.

"We will have people from all over the world, all over the country, all over the state converging in Clovis, this is going to help our local economy," said Councilmember Jose Flores.

Flores is asking residents to take the day off on Wednesday, February 18th, to watch world cyclists{}make their first ride ever into Old Town Clovis.

Tour de France record breaker Lance Armstrong will be among the pro-cyclists.