Vote For Local Ukulele Player To Win National Competition

A Valley man is in the hunt to win a national ukulele competition.{} The contest ends Friday so with only two days to go Edward Hernandez, the strumming musician from Hanford{}needs your vote.

Hernandez{}has been playing the{}ukulele for the past two and a half years.{} He was so confident about his ability that he entered Ukulele Magazine's Holly Jolly contest with a John Lennon song, Happy Christmas.{}

In mid-November Hernandez was informed that he was one of five finalists. With two days to go in the competition he's in first place.{} "It was a surprise. {} I was pretty shocked to hear that.{} I was very excited{}I let people know about it to vote for me."

The winner in the solo competition receives Ukulele Magazine's Golden Tiki.{} Hernandez plays ten different musical instruments. {} He started at nine years old and most of the time he plays by ear.{} "People that know me, they know{}I pick up quick. {}They try to stump me with a song and say hey play this and{}I play it within 2 or 3 minutes."

Edward Hernandez is enjoying his moment in the spotlight and he's optimistic.{}{}"Even if{}I do win this competition it got out to everybody that voted for me for one and everybody that believed in me."

Hernandez is close to winning a national competition, but he knows anything can happen before Friday.