Valley Lung Recipient Shocked Over Penn. Girls Legal Fight


A Dinuba woman has a new lease on life after undergoing a double lung transplant in 2011.{}But Brenda Scarfield was shocked to hear that a Pennsylvania girl had to fight in federal court to receive an adult organ transplant.

In December 2011 Brenda Scarfield{}moved to the top of the organ donor list in just three days and got the lungs she needed.{} "My lungs that they put in were a little bit too big for my cavity so they modified them and took the right middle lobe out to make them fit."

A ten year old Pennsylvania girl needed the same operation.{} But transplant policy made children under twelve wait for pediatric lungs.{} She could only get{} lungs donated by adults after children and adults on the waiting list had been considered.{} Scarfield says the whole ordeal broke her heart.{}{} "To have some rule in place that you can't get lungs because of your age or get adult lungs. {} We're here to help people."

The girl's parents challenged the rule and a federal judge gave her the green light to go ahead.

Brenda Scarfield is back to spending quality time with her grand kids and has never felt better.{} "Oh my gosh yes now{}I can breathe. {} I can just about do anything{}I want to do and there's just no feeling like it."{} She still has to undergo check-ups every three months but so far so good.{}