Valley Kids Get National Attention For Acts Of Kindness

A group of valley kids is learning first hand how doing good makes everyone a winner.

Students at Starr elementary school in Fresno are getting a lesson in kindness.

Except these kids aren't just learning how to spell it; they're doing it.

"I helped my mom; I gave my sisters hugs and kisses. I helped someone with the door," said a first grade student.

It's called "The Kind kids club."

Starr elementary school started the program three years ago.

To join the club, kids have to first get accepted.

"Open the door for a teacher, clean the garage, and I sang a song to my sister. There was a mission and I completed that mission, and now I am a member of the kind kids club," said a first grade student.

They are also doing kind acts of kindness as a class.

In the library, the kids stuffed books with random kind words.

The kids were challenged to complete ten random acts of kindness.

Their teacher, Marceen Farsakian believes it's also a lesson in life.

"I think it's really important for the kids to learn the social and emotional needs of others. I think it is one of the most important things that they can do to succeed," said Farsakian.

"The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation" was the first to take notice, after Farsakian sent in a letter.

The kids were then chosen as the foundation's national winners for doing good.

"As a parent, it's almost breathtaking watching her participate in all of this stuff, and how happy she is with it," said Jason Lott, a parent of a first grader.

For their next big project, the kids have a goal of collecting 300 toys they will donate to children's hospital.

"Everyday the boxes get bigger and bigger, and there is more coming in ... their faces are just ecstatic to see that," said Farsakian.

Giving is a lesson Farsakian hopes her students carry throughout life.

As part of "kindness of week" she hopes everyone will go out and do something to kind for someone else.