Valley Heat Wave May Last Weeks Not Days

It looks like triple digit heat in the Valley may hang around for a couple of weeks.{} Saturday's{} temperature of 108 makes it three days in a row for triple digits in Fresno.{} Sunday's forecast calls for even hotter temperatures.

When the temperature climbs above 90, the hose patrol at Fresno's Chaffee Zoo springs into action.{} The elephants aren't new to Valley heat but they're native to a cooler climate in the rain forest of Asia.{}

Mark Halvorsen is assistant curator at the zoo. "Every single day we'll give our elephants a nice hose water bath and try to get them in the pool. {} We'll give out frozen treats when we start seeing temps closer to 100."

Halvorsen says the gentle shower encourages the elephants to step into their pools and cool off the rest of their bodies.{} The grizzly bear took a mid afternoon dip Saturday to cool down his heavy coat.

Heat is something zoo staff is always concerned about.{} "All of our exhibits have some sort of shade structure available. {} And for those that have a little bit higher need for more cooler temps we put up a fan system and introduce cold water mist."


Nearby in the middle of Roeding Park kids cooled off by throwing water balloons. {} They were there to celebrate their Grandpa's birthday at the hottest time of the day.{} Erica Valdez is a little trooper.{} "It's hot but it's bearable. {} I've played thru worse." Valdez says the birthday party was planned weeks in advance.