Valley Guys Build Home-Made Plane for National "Red Bull Flugtag Event"

Five Valley guys are gearing up for the national "Red Bull Flugtag event."

"How many people can say they built a plane and launched it off a flight deck?" said Raff Scencion, leader of the "Red, white and brew," a Valley based team.

The competition requires participants to build an engineless plane. The team with the longest flying plane wins.

The Valley boys will be flying for the fourth time this September.

In previous years, they took home the "fan favorite" award, and hope to win the big prize this year.

They say they are also feeling the love from fans and supporters right here in the valley.

"The town's helped out a lot. We had a volleyball tournament to help raise funds ... go down to local home depot, get all of our electrical conduits ... get up here and put it together" said teammate, Tim Anderson.

Tucked away inside their Squaw Valley workshop, the guys have spent more than thirty hours welding, taping and putting on the final touches.

They say whether they win or lose; it's all about the experience.

"We only do it just because it's fun and just because we can" added Anderson.

The annual competition will be held on September 21st in Long Beach harbor.