Valley Family Gives Back On Daughter's First Birthday

Brooklynn Harold has seen her share of doctors in the first year of her life.{} She was born with clubfoot and is now on the road to recovery.{} To celebrate her first birthday her parents decided not to shower her with gifts but instead to seek donations to help other kids with clubfoot.

Her mother Jill Harold says her daughter has made great progress thanks to the orthopedic unit at Children's Hospital Central California and the staff at Valley Orthopedic.{} They asked family and friends to hold off on gifts for Brooklynn and instead donate to Miraclefeet.{} "I feel like that if you have the ability to help others, if you have the resources to help others, if you have the knowledge to help others then you need to."{} Miraclefeet can help a child with clubfoot in a developing country for $250.{}

Brooklyn was born with a right clubfoot.{} When she was only five days old she had to have a full leg cast that was changed weekly.{} Then she advanced to wearing her boots and bar for 23 hours a day{}until she was 9 months old.{} Now she only has to wear her boots and bar at bedtime. "She's a strong little girl and we adore her and love her so much and we're happy to celebrate her first birthday and donate to Miraclefeet."

Brooklynn is now crawling, chattering and walking along furniture.{} Saturday her family reported $2,000 dollars was raised.{} An anonymous{}donor decided to match the amount so{}the grand total was $4,000.{} Jill Harold says that's enough money to help 16 children with clubfoot.{}