Valley Drought 2015: County Leaders Prepare For Worse This Summer

Emergency service workers in Tulare County are sounding the alarm.

They've started to stock crates of water and food preparing for the worse come summer.

Tulare County Emergency Services Manager, Andrew Lockman says, "As you see behind me we got bottle water stockpiled when the small systems go down. We can very quickly load that up and get to whatever residents in a matter of hours instead of a matter of days."

Lockman says unfortunately Tulare has already been hit hard by the drought.

Since people cannot live without water, the county is looking at a variety of solutions, including putting tanks, like this one in people's front yards.

Lockman says, "We actually had a crew the other day that did 4 tank installations in a single morning. So we are getting to the point that we can roll those out pretty quickly."

The ultimate solution, connect east Porterville with the city of Porterville's water system.

It's a project that will take 5 years to build and cost $20 to $30 million.

Lockman says this summer we could also see food lines.

Lockman says communication is the key. The county has to know that a problem exists in order to fix it. If you need help with things like drinking water, food, clothing or even help paying your utility bills call 2-1-1.

If you are on a private well, Lockman is encouraging people to get it tested.

You need to know the water level of your well, the depth and whether or not it could go dry this summer.