Valley Drought 2014: World Ag Expo High-Tech Products Help Water Issues

Excitement is in the air in Tulare, as the 2014 World Ag Expo kicks off at the International Agri-Center.

Many of the top 10 new products of the show feature items that help growers deal with water issues.

One product featured is Fieldnet, a wireless irrigation management system. It allows growers to control the pressure and flow of water to a specific field, measure the soil moisture and get weather conditions.

Reece Andrews, with Fieldnet says, "If there is a situation that takes place, like if a line breaks and they are wasting water. The grower can get a text message immediately before it takes days and weeks before you even notice."

Another product is the GeoBlu Explorer. A drone that allows you get a birds eye view of a field.

The drone is equipped with cameras and sensors, to capture near infrared, multispectral or hyper-spectral imagery of a crop.

Owner of GeoBlu Services, Jared Siegler says, "The grower can see a color band, and that will tell the grower the vegetative health. You can see what needs to be watered and what doesn't."

Another top 10 product of the expo, The McMag-3000, a battery operated electromagnetic flow meter that tracks water usage with better accuracy than a mechanical meter.

The device installs in minutes and can be wireless.

Katie Englin, with the maker McCrometer says, "Once you put the meter in, you don't have to drive out there again. You can read the meter by your laptop. You can even set up alarm parameters."

Just more examples of how technology can benefit growers by conserving water and still yielding a favorable crop.