Valley Drought 2014: What Happens To Our Water After We Use It?

The rain and snow that fell on Thursday and Friday has a lot of people jumping for joy. However, we're still in a drought. So, KMPH Fox 26 News asked, "Where all our water is going?" We investigated and found out the answer to that question.

Water comes from the sky, it goes down storm drains and it floods our streets on rainy days.

"There's not life, there's no economics, and there's no business without that resource," says Martin Querin who manages Fresno's Water Division.

Have you ever wondered where rain water goes after it drains and ends up in a ponding basin?

"As much as we can we try to keep right here in Fresno and let it soak into the ground," adds Querin.

All the water collected in the city's ponding basin is used to make sure we have water to drink, do laundry, take a shower and wash the dishes.

So, where does the water we use in our homes end up?

"That water is collected by another collection system, our waste water collection system," adds Querin.

The majority of the water we use in our homes is treated at Fresno's waste water treatment plant. It's put into ponds and then seeps back into the ground. A small amount is treated with higher standards at a different plant and used to irrigate a farm and golf course.

Now that we know where our water goes, don't forget that we still need to conserve it.

"Even though right now it's raining this is still one of the driest years on record."

The city is working on developing a five million gallon per day program where the water will be treated with very high standards, so that way people can have contact with it. The water from the program will be able to be used back in the city for trees and plants.

Fresno does offer a program where a city worker will come out to your house and show you to conserve water. For more information click here.