Valley Drought 2014: Water Saving Items At Fresno Home Show

Valley homeowners are looking for ways to save water in the third year of the drought. A few items that don't normally{}get a lot of attention{}at the Fresno Home and Garden{}Show are in the spotlight this year.

Buffalo grass can give your backyard a different look and help keep your water bill under control.{} Aaron Takao sells the grass{}at Takao Nursery in Fresno.{} "UC Davis created the{}grass that's pretty much 75 percent less water, no seed heads for allergy sufferers.{} It's just another way to have a green lawn without having no lawn."

Takao says the average price for Buffalo{}grass is 55 cents per square foot.{} If you're not in the mood to mow or water your lawn anymore then check out synthetic grass.{}

Kelly Worton with Easy Turf says the drought has made sales blossom.{} "It's increased the interest in synthetic grass.{} Everybody's getting a little more aware that they need to cut back on water use because{}we may not even have water"{}{}

Lastly Bob Baker with Belmont Nursery tells customers that landscaping doesn't have to be boring just to save water.{} "People are looking for water wise options and succulents are pretty hearty proof plants that are easy to propagate.{} Yeah they're very popular.

The Fresno Home and Garden Show at the Fresno Fairgrounds continues thru this weekend.