VALLEY DROUGHT 2014: Using Fish To Save Water

Valley Drought 2014 has a lot of people looking for ways to save water. Aquaponics is system that uses less water and grows vegetables and fruits, and is getting popular in the Valley.

In a Reedley backyard is an Aquaponics greenhouse. By using the system 90% less water is used than by farming the traditional way.

"With the drought a lot of people are losing their farms," says Dana Ritschel who uses Aquaponics, "We can run this off of city water and very little city water."

Aquaponics works by keeping fish in a tank, the fishes waste are filtered through the water system and helps the plants grow. The water is then recycled back to the fish tank.

"This just seems like the most awesome, natural way to do it," adds Ritschel.

Ritschel grows okra, kale, bell peppers, and all sorts of other vegetables and fruits. He learned about Aquaponics from his brother and set up his system three years ago. Everything grown is organic and Ritschel says he doesn't have to worry about what's in his food.

"Oh this food tastes so good," says Ritschel, "Here's a good example of why this stuff is so much better. My wife cannot get a tomato from the grocery store and eat it without breaking out into a rash. The tomatoes that we were growing out here last year did not give her a single problem."

Aquaponics has been around for thousands of years. In fact, the Aztecs used it to grow crops.