Valley Drought 2014: Two Very Different Relief Bills On The Table

Water problems continue to plague us throughout the Valley.Right now, two of our biggest reservoirs in the Valley are only about a third full with the rainy season almost over.The House and the Senate each have a bill for drought relief, but nothing can be done if there's no compromise between the two.The House bill is intended to lift the Environmental Species Act to allow pumping from the delta to get water to Central Valley farmers and cities for a year.The Senate bill disagrees, and offers aide and keeps the Environmental Species Act in tact.U.S. Congressman Devin Nunes talked about the ongoing water crisis here in the Valley during a visit to Great Day on KMPH Fox 26.The congressman says as cities and farmers continue to dig wells, it will hurt the Valley in more ways than we realize.

All these communities from Chowchilla down to Bakersfield keep dropping their wells, which means we have less and less water in our bank account. And that's why you're seeing real environmental damage being done to this Valley, because you see some parts of the Valley are starting to sink. What's happening is that water aquifer is sinking," said Congressman Nunes.

The congressman says the problem with the Senate bill is that it just offers welfare payments but does nothing to help the state deal with the lack of water.

Last Friday, President Obama came to the Valley and announced over $100 million in aid to help farmers and communities deal with the drought.