Valley Drought 2014 - Kings River Is Finally Full Of Water

Valley Drought 2014 means rivers all over the Valley are dry. The Kings River was didn't have any water for months. Now, the river in Kingsburg is finally open for business.For the first time, in a long time, boats and jet skis are out on the Kings River. The river was so dry it didn't have a drop of water in it, something that worried businesses along the river."A lot more families have been coming out to 'Bullfrogs'," says James Reyes Jr. who works at 'Bullfrogs Bar and Grill', "So it's not just the typical college crowd or the country boys.At 'Bullfrogs' business wasn't bad while the river was dry, but managers say it's definitely better now."We've been seeing a big pick up around 7 o'clock or 6 o'clock," adds Reyes, "So we are expecting between 100 and 200 people some nights."In May, officials from the Tulare County Department of Parks and Recreation said there would be no recreational activities along the river. At the time, they didn't know how long the ban would last."It was bad," says Javier Santos, who enjoys boating, "I would look out here and I would see dry spots everywhere. I thought man when is that water going to come back."Santos says since the river is full of water, he can't wait to keep visiting the area."I'm so happy that the water's here because now we can get the boat out there," adds Santos.Officials from the Tulare County Department of Parks and Recreation say the river should be filled with water through the summer.