VALLEY DROUGHT 2014: Hundreds Of People Reporting Water Wasters In Fresno

The City of Fresno is looking for water wasters and they're getting a lot of help. The water conservation department says it's received hundreds of reports about people wasting water.

At Fresno's water conservation office Nora Laikam is busy. She's taking tip after tip about water wasters.

"The phones are ringing off the hook and there are emails galore," says Fresno Water Conservation Supervisor Nora Laikam, "We're really happy to have that response from the community."

Laikam says she's gotten hundreds of videos and pictures showing water possibly being wasted.

"Anything we receive from the public we're actually really grateful to get because that helps us do a good job when we send our folks out into the field," adds Laikam, "They're being efficient with their time and we're going to a place where we're pretty sure there's watering."

When a code enforcement officer goes to a home or business, Laikam says they work with the water waster on how to conserve. If the person does not comply they will receive a $45 fine.

If you would like to report someone who is wasting water or get tips of how to conserve water click here,