VALLEY DROUGHT 2014: Homes Don't Have Drinking Water

Valley Drought 2014 is now so bad some people don't have drinking water. It's happening in South East Porterville where dozens of wells are dry. One woman who lives in the neighborhood has decided to do something about the situation.

Donna Johnson is hitting the road and dropping off water to anyone who needs it.

"I think it is hope," says Donna Johnson who is delivering water, "I think every time I gave somebody water, I wanted to give them more water than I had."

Johnson says when she goes to people's homes and she talks to them about their water, she finds out their wells are dry.

"I went to one woman's house and she was trying to drink this murky, brown water and I said please don't do that, I'll bring you some water," adds Johnson.

Water deliveries to Yolanda Frausto's home are helping her conserve water. She says her well is almost dry too.

"A lot of my neighbors have not had water for months," says Yolanda Frausto, "Sometimes the kids come ask me for water and I give them water, but it's a horrible situation."

All the water Johnson is passing out was donated by 'Home Depot.' She's paying for the gas to make the deliveries and she's hoping to help more of her neighbors make it through the drought.

"People can't fathom it that it is a silent killer," says Johnson, "You can only hope that no one will not get sick or die, I'm really concerned about it."

Johnson says more water bottles are needed for the neighborhood. If you would like to help you can email her at