Valley Drought 2014: Water Systems Upgrades Favored by Voters

Our valley drought coverage continues with a new poll about the drought.

It's making a lot of people who live here in California nervous.

The new poll shows a lot of you are making more of an effort conserve water.

It comes from the Public policy Institute of California.

Its survey also shows 50% of voters would support spending billions to upgrade the state's aging water systems.

Half of voters say they favor an $11 billion proposal calling for long term solutions.

But there may be a "silver lining" to the state's water problems.

Or, how about a "gold" one?

Rivers and streams are dangerously low for farmers and wildlife.

But not for prospectors.

There's a mini gold rush happening in them dry hills because of the drought.

Prospectors say they're able to dig in riverbeds that have been out of reach for decades.