VALLEY DROUGHT 2014: Fresno Business Challenges People To Let Lawns Go Brown

Valley Drought 2014 has a Fresno business cutting how much water it uses and it wants others to do the same. To encourage people to save water the company is offering a challenge.

Copiers and printers are "Stanton Office Machines" bread and butter, and the business is hoping you copy them by letting your green lawn go brown.

"Brown is the new green. I mean I love a lush lawn, everybody does, but we're going to wear our brown lawn like a badge of honor," says Patrick McNulty, 'Stanton Office Machines' Manager.

The company is only watering its lawn twice a month, it changed to water saving sprinklers, and is switching to low-flow toilets.

"You have to be conscious of it because if water runs out than everybody's going to conscious of it, won't they," adds McNulty.

The idea to start a water conservation challenge came from the businesses owner.

"He's driving by reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and it's just lower than he's ever seen it," says McNulty, "It just kind of hit him that we could be doing something here, we could be making a difference, and when we looked into it we realized that we really could be doing a lot."

The company has signs up and is asking its neighbors, other businesses and homeowners to participate and save water.

"It has been mixed, because some people are worried about property values. However, like I said, something's got to give," adds McNulty.

As an incentive to join the 'Copy Challenge', the company is having a drawing where everyone one who participates will have a chance to win a free copier or printer. The drawing is open to anyone who signs up; if you're interested go to