Valley Drought 2014: Citrus Trees Being Yanked Out

Thousands of acres of almond trees have been dozed over on the Valley's Westside{}due to the drought and now the same thing is happening to citrus groves on the Eastside.{} Thursday grower Lee Bailey watched as a bulldozer pushed over 12 acres of orange trees near Orange Cove.Bailey farms the grove for two nieces.{} He says they pulled them out for a number of reasons.{} "We've had to pick some lots with low production and this is some of them and we're pushing out two different blocks."{} Bailey says they spent 100-thousand dollars for extra water and the gamble didn't pay off.{} To make matters worse the oranges on the trees pushed out were frozen in October and the fruit wasn't good enough to be salvaged for juice.{}{}The drought is forcing growers to take drastic measures to stay in business.{} The trees relied on water from the Friant Kern Canal to stay green but there's no water for farmers this year.{} That is the first time this has happened in the history of the Central Valley Project.Bailey and his brother Harvey farm 1100 acres{}and manage another 1100 acres.{} He says everyday{}he worries about water.{} "Hopefully we can make it.{} We are irrigating everything on one{}side at a time instead of the furrow and the foggers, switching{}out the one's we have to low volume emitters.California Citrus Mutual estimates 50,000 acres of{}citrus will be dozed due to the drought.{} The result will be a 3-billion dollar hit to the state's economy.{}
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