Valley Drought 2014: Bees Are Attracted To Water Park

When you think of 'Valley drought 2014' and a water park you instantly think there's not enough water for the rides. At "Wild Water Adventure Park" in Clovis, it turns out that the severe drought is actually attracting bees.

"There were lots of bees everywhere we went," says Barbara Herrera.

Barbara Herrera likes going to the water park with her family but she's allergic to bees. She says when she went to "Wild Water Adventure Park' this past weekend, she was worried she would need to use her EpiPen.

"I couldn't enjoy myself, because of the allergy," adds Herrera, "I was looking around to watch my nephews on the rides and I couldn't pay attention to them because I was constantly looking out for bees."

The water park's management says there are 50% more bees this year versus last year. General Manger Bob Martin says it's because the bees are trying to find water.

"Right now it's an annoyance and that's why we're trying to be a little bit pro-active."

Martin says he has hired a pest control company and they will be at the water park on Wednesday to figure out how to get rid of the bees.

"It's mostly an annoyance for people who are trying to eat sweets or drink a soda or sit in nature," adds Martin.

Herrera says she's glad that the water park is trying to solve the problem, because she wants to use her annual pass.

"I'll have my husband check it out first before I even go in and enter because it's not worth it for me," says Herrera.

The pest control company will try to locate hives and spray retardant to make sure the bees stay away.