Valley Drought 2014: No Crops On Nearly 1 Million Acres

The number of unplanted fields has risen dramatically because of the water crisis.

The California Farm Water Coalition has upgraded its estimates to 800,000 acres that won't get planted because of a lack of water.The estimated impact to the state's economy is up almost 50%.Losses are expected to double from $1.7 billion to $3.5 billion.

Meanwhile, farmers are still waiting until the last minute to determine their planting schedules this year.Many are hoping that somehow, the water situation will improve.

A water rally is taking place in Firebaugh Tuesday morning.State and local elected officials are hoping to get everyone to work together and make at least some water available to farmers.

KMPH News reporter, Erik Rosales, is at that meeting and will provide updates on the KMPH 10:00 O'clock News.