Valley Drought 2014: $500 Fine For Water Wasters Approved

Californian's can now be fined 500 dollars a day for wasting water.

The state is cracking down on water wasters during the severe drought.

Lawmakers approved a new set of emergency rules Tuesday.

Anyone repeatedly caught wasting water on landscaping, car washing, hosing down sidewalks, etc. could face fines of up to $500 per day.

Local law enforcement will enforce the fines.

The new rules come after conservation measures have failed to achieve the 20% reduction in water use sought out by Governor Jerry Brown.

A new survey says overall water consumption has risen 1%.

The latest drought map from the U.S. government shows nearly all of Central California; from the Central Valley to the Bay Area and down to Los Angeles, is in what's being called an "exceptional" drought.

Most of the rest of the state is in an "extreme" drought.