Valley Congressmen Respond to State of the Union Address

Valley Congressmen waited and waited...

They didn't exactly hear the one words they wanted the President to say in his State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

Congressmen Jeff Denham and Jim Costa are now sharing their thoughts.

They were hoping the President would talk more about the water crisis.

He did talk about raising minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

He also talked about the economy and immigration.

He even talked about bypassing Congress to get things done.

Here's what some of our local Congressmen are saying...

In his response, north valley republican Jeff Denham said, "Water is a critical issue with the nation's bread basket in jeopardy due to the drought in the western states... As the President stated, 3 million jobs are ready to be protected by finishing transportation and waterways bills this summer. My top priority is working to create jobs in the central valley, and that starts with water."

Denham will send several bills to Washington to address that.

Fresno democrat Jim Costa said, "For our valley, the most important words the President uttered tonight were not in his actual speech, but when he told me 'We have a drought to work together on' before he took to the podium. As we face this water crisis, California needs all the help we can get, and I hope he remains true to his promise to be a partner in our struggle."