Valley Congressman says attack on Syria is 'Political Theater'

Valley Congressman Devin Nunes visited the KMPH studios to weigh in on the situation in Syria and whether or not the U.S. should launch a military strike.Nunes called the president's request for a congressional resolution authorizing a U.S. attack on Syria "political theater" that wouldn't accomplish much."It just doesn't make any sense and I just think we all need to step back and stop playing political games and really look at whether or not we want to get into a quagmire that in my estimation looks very similar to Vietnam," said Nunes.The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted Wednesday to approve the president's plan to strike Syria.Congressman Nunes says he expects to the full Senate to vote on the resolution sometime next week and the House to take up the matter shortly there after.Nunes also says he does not believe there is enough support to pass the measure in the House.