Valley Church Goers Shed Tears For Victims In Connecticut

Sunday church services were very moving as Pastors prayed for the children and teachers massacred Friday in Newtown Connecticut. Those words brought some church leaders and worshippers to tears.{}

It was an emotional Sunday morning service at Fresno's Peoples Church. Pastor Dale Oquist wiped tears from his eyes as did parishioners when his sermon focused on the shooting in Connecticut.

"I came in with a heavy heart and I've had a heavy heart since this happened. I just believe there is a higher hope for each of us but{}I know that's not gonna take away the pain and hurt those families feel right now," said Peoples Church parishioner Dene Vincent.

At St. John's Cathedral in downtown Fresno, Bishop Armando Ochoa also prayed for the victims. Catholics bowed their heads and folded their hands in reverence to people hurting on the other side of the country.

"Our hearts and our prayers go out to the families. Just unbelievable that this could happen. I can only just guess the feeling of a parent because{}I am a parent," said St. John's parishioner Jovita Ayala.

The faith community sought healing from a higher power and{}words to make sense of it all. Bethany von Steinbergs is also a{}Pastor at People's Church. "I also think it's an opportunity to rally together as a faith community to be reminded of a God who is just, a God who is about restoration and healing."