Valley Boy Finds Bone Marrow Match

Finding a bone marrow match for someone with Leukemia is a long shot at best.{}But we just learned Wednesday that Hendrix Wille, a two-year-old Fresno boy that we spotlighted recently has a match in Europe.

Hendrix is now at{}UC San Francisco Hospital undergoing a new round of chemotherapy. Hendrix's Aunt Kelsey Armstrong says the transplant could happen in a week. "We're hoping everything goes through. Obviously the transplant hasn't happened yet. It's supposed to happen on the 25th. So we're kind of all holding our breath until then."

Armstrong says the only two things they know about the donor is he's a man from Europe. She is spearheading a bone marrow registry Friday and Saturday in Clovis to help{}young{}Valley children battling Leukemia.

Wednesday we met{}a 3-year-old Fresno boy in the battle of his life with Leukemia. Hugo Beltran of Fresno loves to mug for the camera. He was diagnosed{}in late January. He just finished a round of chemo and{}his Mom Araceli{}is waiting for the next bone marrow biopsy in three weeks. "If he's still out of remission we'll go for a transplant using me. If he's in remission we keep going with the chemo and hope to find a match for him."

Araceli Beltran hopes more Valley people will take the time to register. Hendrix Wille found a match. The Beltrans are hoping the same for Hugo. "It's just a simple swab that can save so many kids' lives. It's a simple swab that gets sent out that will give the doctor a preliminary match."

The Bone Marrow Registry in Clovis takes place Friday from four until nine at the Veterans Memorial Building. Saturday's hours are from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon.