Valley Alarm Companies Give Fresno P.D. A New Look

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer{}is getting{}an early Christmas present from Valley alarm companies. {}{}Matson Alarm Company of Fresno couldn't believe that vandals could cause so much damage at the northeast Fresno police station. {}

In June of 2012 police cars were spray painted and tires slashed.{}{}The damage soared to five figures.{} A year earlier a couple of cars belonging to police officers were torched at the southwest Fresno police station.

Mike Matson's Fresno alarm company has been protecting homes and businesses in the Valley for forty years.{}{}After hearing what happened he decided to help.{}{}"I was totally shocked and that's probably what brought the whole thing on is because for me they're protecting us out there and watching what's going on the streets but then they don't protect their own backyard so this is our opportunity to help them."

Matson shared his concerns with his suppliers, vendors and competitors.{} It seems everyone wanted to help.{} "We're gonna get the camera systems on all the substations so they can go to work and do their jobs and not have to worry about what's happening at the stations."

A golf tournament Monday will pay for three cameras with binocular strength lenses at each substation.{} Matson says they'll be tied into the Fresno Police Department's command center downtown.