Vacation Mistakes To Avoid

If you are planning a summer getaway, make sure it goes smoothly. According to travel experts, many people will likely commit one or more common blunders while on vacation.

Rule One - Don't pack too much. A survey done last year by Travelodge says two-thirds of travelers will return home from a trip with six unworn outfits.

Next - Check your phone plan before traveling abroad. Don't pay extra for international roaming. It will cost you a fortune.

Another reminder - Print out your reservation details. Many people rely on their phones for confirmation numbers and itineraries but your phone might not work with the local network. Don't rely on electronics. Print an actual hard copy as backup.

And finally- Consider a full travel insurance policy. Experts say if you do end up needing the travel insurance it will save you a lot of money should you have an accident while away.

Bon Voyage!