U.S. Military Jet Crashes In Southern California Neighborhood

A U.S. military jet crashed into the city of Imperial Wednesday evening. A military spokeswoman has confirmed the jet was a Harrier from the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. Witnesses say the plane crashed into at least three houses which caught fire. But the city's fire crew is telling reporters no one was killed. The pilot ejected safety just seconds before the crash and is currently in the hospital. Minutes after the crash, local and government police shut down the area and an investigation is underway find out the cause. What makes this type of plane so unique, the Harrier Jet is able to "hover like a helicopter, and then blast forward like a jet at near-supersonic speeds, according to a military website. Ironically less than a month ago, the same type of jet crashed near the city of Phoenix Thankfully, it was in an isolated area. The pilot in that case was able to eject safely and was also rushed to a hospital for evaluation. Military records show Wednesday's crash is 11th harrier crash in southwest Arizona and southeastern California since 1996.