U.S. Flags Taken From Cemetery, Search Under Way

Close to 170 U.S. flags are missing, after someone walked away with them from a Clovis cemetery, in the house after Memorial Day.

"It's heartbreaking," says Anna Herrera, Manager of the Clovis Cemetery District.

She says volunteers had placed 168 flags on grave sites of veterans who are buried at Redbank Cemetery, on Shaw Avenue near Indianola. The veterans have served in conflicts dating all the way back to the Civil War. One of the headstones dates back to 1898.

A{}volunteer even provided 90 of the flags.

The cemetery's foreman, Juan Pedraza, says he remembers what it looked like once the work was done.

"The cemetery looks beautiful. The way it's supposed to look for such an important day," says Pedraza.

But by Tuesday, the flags were missing.

Herrera says it's possible one of the groupswhether VFW, American Legion or Boy Scoutsgathered them. But she adds, "It's just disappointing to think that someone would have come in and removed the flags without calling us. If they just took them to take them home, it isn't right."

If the flags were stolen, it's not the first time someone has disrespected the cemetery.

There's graffiti on the walls too.

"Have respect for something so important," Pedraza says. "Put in consideration that those flags belong to someone else. They should have the heart to bring them back."

If you know where the flags are, they can be returned in a box, no questions asked, to the Redbank Cemetery or the Clovis Cemetery District Offices at Herndon and Villa.

You can also call 559-299-6057.