U.S. Coast Guard Calls Off Search For Missing Navy Lieutenant From Sanger

Sean Christopher Snyder, a 39-year-old Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy is considered a missing man, after a helicopter crashed off the coast of Virginia.

Snyder is a husband, and father to four children.

He is originally from Sanger.

His family has released a statement, and describes Snyder as a "decorated pilot, a man of honor, dedicated husband, and father, who is proud and grateful for his privilege to serve his county in the United States Navy."

Since the crash on Wednesday, the U.S. Coast Guard has searched a 500-square-mile area by air and sea.

"Over 30 hours of search and rescue efforts and based on the totality of the information that we have received, the Coast Guard has suspended the active search for the missing member," said Captain John Little of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Officials say two crew members were killed, and two others were found, and taken to a hospital.

One of the men is Dylan Boone.

Boone also traces his roots back to the Valley.

He is a graduate of Sierra High School in Tollhouse.

According to his mother, Boone suffers injuries to his head, shoulder, and lung, but is otherwise in stable condition.

His mother Gail Boone lives in Clovis.

She took to her facebook page on Wednesday to say this "All in all, he is one very blessed young man. We appreciate all of the prayers, good wishes and support. Please remember the men that lost their lives and their families in prayer. I should be seeing him tomorrow and I'll feel a lot better then. It's been an exhausting day."

Gail Boone also said on her facebook that she is currently in Philadelphia to be with her son Dylan.

The Coast Guard says the chopper crashed during a routine training exercise.

They do not know yet what caused the crash.