Union NO! Appeals Court Strikes Down NLRB Pro-Union Rule

Using its National Labor Relations Board as the tool, the Obama administration issued a rule that would force businesses to post signs that reminded workers of their right to unionize. {}Today a federal appeals court said that violates employer's free speech rights, and struck down the rule.

{}President Obama recently appointed several union-friendly members to the NLRB, but the US Court Of Appeals for the District Of Columbia has now struck down several of the board's rules. {}It also ruled that some of the President's board appointments were unconstitutional. {}The Obama administration has appealed that ruling to the US Supreme Court.

{}Unions had lobbied the NLRB for the rule because union membership is dropping fast in most states (California remains one of the few strong union states remaining). {}

{}The NLRB rule would have forced millions of businesses to post an 11 by 17-inch notice that stated workers had the right to form a union and to bargain collectively.{} The posters also were to state that employees did not have to join a union.