Unflattering Pictures Surface Of Woman Accused In Deadly Hwy 99 Hit & Run

King says the pictures KMPH News uncovered of Alyssa Villanueva definitely don't look good.

"With the internet, things are out there forever. So it behooves anybody to be very careful what they do anywhere where someone could have a camera, where someone could be taking photographs," King said.

Someone posted several pictures of Villanueva on Craigslist, showing her drinking beer from a keg, wearing a shirt that says "Everybody loves drunk girl" and passed out near shot glasses.

In a statement to KMPH News, Villanueva's attorney, Martin Taleisnik says: "I've heard and seen of the pictures. From what I understand, they're all from six or seven years ago."

King, who has not represented Villanueva says, the date those pictures were taken is crucial to whether or not they can be used in court.

"If she were photographed in a bar 20 minutes before a fatal accident, that would be very probative of a fact that was in play. But the fact that someone was drinking or wasn't drinking two nights before or two months before isn't going to prove whether or not they were drinking that night," King says.

But King says if the pictures were taken while Villanueva was on probation for a previous D.U.I., it could prove a violation of that probation.

"One of the conditions of the probation terms is that they consume absolutely no alcohol, period, zero," he said.

In his statement, Villanueva's attorney says the pictures are not admissible in court. He says: "I think they're very prejudicial to her ability to get a fair trial in this community."

In an interview after her arraignment Monday, Taleisnik spoke about the public's scrutiny surrounding his client's character.

"Things that Alyssa is just kind of a deadbeat, she doesn't take care of her kids and she's out there partying and drinking. I think one thing I want people to know is she works two jobs to support her children. She has never benefited from welfare. She has never received anything that she hasn't earned through her hard work," Taleisnik said.

Still, King says pictures like this are a good lesson for everyone.

"Something that you might think looks cute and funny right now could really come back to bite you later," he said.

Alyssa Villanueva is due back in court next month for a pre-preliminary hearing.

Meanwhile, the woman she's accused of killing, 24-year-old Regan Johnson, will be buried in Kingsburg on Wednesday.

Villanueva's step-father, 40-year-old Antonio Rios was also arrested last week for draping a cover over Villanueva's car after the accident, accused of trying to conceal it from police.

He's since been released from the Fresno County Jail.