Unemployment Checks Delayed, E.D.D. Computer Issue

Those collecting an unemployment check in the state are not getting their money because of a computer glitch at the California Employment Development Department.

Thousands are struggling to pay their bills and no one knows when the checks will arrive.

Fresno resident, Sylvia Garcia is a single mother of two.

Recently she was laid off.

Now she has been waiting for more than three weeks to get her unemployment check of $350.00 every two weeks.

Sylvia Garcia says, "I'm living off of nothing, right now. If I didn't have good friends and a good daughter I don't know what I would do."

Tens of thousands of people in the state are going through the same thing right now, getting their unemployment checks later than usual.

E.D.D. authorities are blaming a computer software upgrade for the delays in payments.

The system was installed over the Labor Day weekend

E.D.D. representative Kevin Callori says, "A small subset of certifications received will require some one-time manual intervention to get processed. Manual intervention does take more time - usually an additional day or two."

Some may say that sounds like a bunch of double talk, and a waste of taxpayer money.

Sylvia Garcia says, "They need more people in there to answer the phones and people who know where to direct you. However, this going to the Workforce where they have two or three phones, that does not work out. You have to wait in line and there is a little sign there, which says you have to call from 12 to 33 times and then give up. What is that about?"

Both Nevada and Massachusetts changed to the same computer system, and Massachusetts has had similar problems for the last 2 months.