Two Valley Hospitals Fined For Botched Knee Surgery, Patient Death

Two Valley hospitals received hefty fines for serious mistakes.{} One mistake cost a patient his life while the other created twice the pain for a patient.

Fresno Surgical Hospital is in trouble for messing up a knee surgery.{} The{}California Department of Public Health{}says the doctor operated on a patient's right knee only to learn it was the left knee that needed surgery.{} The report states the doctor took the patient back in the operating room after being on a gurney in the hallway and then operated on the left knee.

The{}state fined Fresno Surgical Hospital 75-thousand dollars.{} In the state report{}the patient complained of having a lot of trouble walking and being unable to bear weight since the surgery.

The hospital's{}CEO Kristine Kassahn{}had this response:{}"Patient privacy rules prohibit us from releasing or discussing any information regarding surgical or other medical procedures.{} As always, our entire staff is committed to delivering the highest quality care and patient satisfaction to patients throughout the central valley."

Adventist Medical Center in Hanford was fined 50-thousand dollars for over-medicating a patient that caused his death.{}{}The state report says Adventist Medical Center allowed the patient to self medicate himself for pain control. {} Over a six hour period he injected close to three teaspoons of morphine.{}{}The coroner determined it turned out to be a lethal dose that killed the patient. The patient was in the hospital for surgery on his right heel.

Adventist Medical Center CEO Wayne Ferch{}had this response:{}"Our hearts and prayers are with the family, and we grieve with them. When this event happened we re-evaluated what we were doing and worked with our medical staff to immediately strengthen our medication control policies and processes."

This is Adventist Medical Center's third administrative penalty and{}the second for Fresno Surgical Hospital.{}{}{}