Two Small Businesses In Clovis That Beat The Odds

Seventy to{}eighty percent of new businesses fail in the first year according to government surveys. But there are{}two Old Town Clovis businesses that have survived on Pollasky Avenue for decades.

Their secret to success they say is no secret at all. They have loyal customers who believe in buying local. Old Town is in the heart of Clovis and Sassano's has been peddling western wear from head to toe for nearly 80 years.{}

Its owner attributes Sassano's success to good people and a good location. "Taking care of the people who come in here. More attention to them. If you need something special ordered we take care of that. Prices are fair. We don't have giant sales we just keep the prices fair." Greg Sassano says his customers believe in buying local and adds that made in America is also important.

It's a busy Thursday night in the kitchen for Bert Libberta. He's on his way to making between 60 to 80 pizzas. His parents opened Luna's in 1969. "The secret is family owned. We take a lot of pride in our quality of stuff and return business. We have our loyal customers that keep coming in. That's the secret right there."

Bert Libberta has 38 full and part-time employees. He's quick to admit that his small business has never been on easy street. "Oh it's a definite fight to stay in business. Oh yeah it gets harder and harder. New laws and regulations by the state and government makes it really hard for a small guy."

Bert Libberta also attributes his success to his location in Old Town Clovis. He says it's still a safe place to shop day or night. A week from Saturday is Small Business Saturday.

It's a day to celebrate and support small businesses and what they do for their communities{}