Two Men Caught On Camera Trying To Break Into Fresno Home

A Fresno couple wants the public be on the lookout for two young men they believe tried to break into their home.

Ronda Hatton and her husband Devlin were sound asleep Sunday morning when they woke up to a loud noise and their dogs barking out of control.

"We got up to see what was going on and didn't see anything. We thought it was the neighbors or what not and just went back to sleep" said Hatton.

It wasn't until the next morning Hatton noticed the surveillance camera was flipped around.

The Hatton's got suspicious and decided to rewind back to the footage from the night before.

And right there starring them in the face were two young men out on their doorstep.

"It's actually kind of scary knowing that somebody was out there trying to open the door to get into the house where I was in bed" confessed Hatton.

The video shows the guys coming toward the house, checking out the Hatton's backyard.

In one shot you see the men moving close toward the door, they lean over and they flip the camera around.

But little did they know the Hatton's already got their faces on camera.

Hatton recalls back to the night before and the loud noise that startled her dogs.

Hatton believes the dog's bark scared the young men away.

Anyone who recognizes the two men or has information regarding the event is encouraged to contact Fresno police.