Two Maderans To Witness President Obama's Inauguration


Two Democrats from Madera are packed and ready to hit the inauguration trail. {} They're leaving Saturday to get a snap shot of Presidential history. {}

Gloria Brown is President of the{}NAACP in Madera.{} Dr. Gwendolyn Stewart is a retired educator.{} Both missed their chance to witness history four years ago but not this time around. "I don't know if it's gonna happen again. {} I pray it does. {} While I'm still in the land of living{}I want to be a part of it," said Gloria Brown.

Very inspired. {} I feel all I'll experience{}I can bring back and work with our youth in he community of Madera,"said Dr. Stewart.

Both Brown and Stewart played a major role in getting out the vote last November in Madera County.{} Brown's son Damien is in his 11th year in the Navy as Chief Petty Officer.

Stewart's daughter was in the Army and served two tours in the Persian Gulf.{} Both proud Americans can't wait to be a witness to the inauguration.{}{}"I hope to see the excitement and jubilation. {} Everyone just really excited in what we can do in terms of our country and how we can move forward in terms of opportunity for all," said Dr. Stewart.

"Excitement, exhilaration. {} I have never been in that kind of atmosphere. {} I expect a lot of people having a great time together," said Gloria Brown.

Brown and Stewart received their inauguration tickets from Fresno Congressman Jim Costa.

Brown is disabled and will need a wheelchair to witness President Obama taking his oath of office.{} But she says Disabled Americans have some of the best seats to witness history.{} Dr. Stewart will escort her to the Capitol location.